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  1. burlindw
    Discord: burlindw#6434
  2. burlindw
  3. Bombaata
    I really just want to send Conan back to Krum!
  4. Hopps
  5. Hopps
    Duck is here. Duck is all you need.
  6. Scruffy the Janitor
  7. The Broodwich
  8. Testbot
    Dstraktd's admin-bot for permission testing
  9. lousypirate
    Bitches know I'm running trains - no hobo
  10. AngryBeeBoss
    Being The AngryBeeBoss is a tough job.
  11. AngryBeeBoss
  12. lousypirate
    lousypirate Captain Murasa
    Hey, did you finally get rid of that stalker. Not sure if I’ve seen you on or not in a while, not sure what your username is anymore hahahaha
  13. Ψ 8455
  14. Ψ 8455
  15. Ψ 8455
  16. jelsoy
    jelsoy Dr. Thor
    adding for friendly times, nothing to do with appeal. :)
  17. Wilma davis
  18. Ψ 8455
    1. lousypirate
      yes, yes i did.
      Oct 19, 2017
    2. lousypirate
      I think the goalie term "standing on their head" fits here.
      Oct 19, 2017
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  19. Ψ 8455
  20. Ψ 8455