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    • pl_midwest_b29 to b33
      • b30
        • moved around health and ammo at A
        • added some health and ammo for attackers around B
        • lighting changes around C
        • optimization attempts around C
        • general clipping fixes
      • b31
        • clipping changes
        • closed up unused areas around A
        • moved around a lot of stuff at D to try and make pathing from red spawn to C as well as defending D
      • b32
        • moved around cover at A
        • lowered blu respawn time when attacking B
        • attempted to improve lighting guidance for blu around C
        • pushed back dropdown for blu at D to give them less areas of height advantage
        • other stuff probably
      • b33
        • lowered red respawn after A is capped
        • lowered wall by red alcove around A to give sentries there less cover
        • extended blu metal building attached to blu brick building by A to provide more cover for blu when going to the flank in that building
        • changed dark fence in corner before C to be lighter and hide players less
        • clipping changes
        • added small door exit for red first spawn to lessen spawn camp possibilities
        • raised railing at top of stairs in wood building before B so it can't be jumped over from low ground.
    • cp_villa_b17a to b18
      • b18
        • Minor aesthetic changes around the map
        • Made the floor of the top left entrance into last transparent so that you can see into dungeon from above
        • Replaced the pride rock on second with a short ramp blocked by tall rocks
        • Replaced market stalls on mid with a non-transparent ledge and lamp post to block vision from the wood structure into second
        • Made the doorway between fountain and second shorter
        • Replaced the platform outside library on second with a ramp to improve accessibility
        • Removed the central platform on second
        • Added an entirely new pathway up to spire on second
    • cp_mannbase_b16 to b17a
      • b16a
        • Most changes are optimization but there are also a few graphical changes around the map, this should be the last change before the summer brawl.
        • Detailed lower lobby.
        • Detailed above lobby.
        • Added nebula to red side in 3d the skybox.
        • Added details in window room.
        • Added details to lobby.
        • Added rocks around the map.
        • Added vents around the map.
        • Raised wall next to the mini hp in middle.
        • Lowered HDR intensity.
      • b17
        • General changes:
          • Small optimizations.
          • New clipping.
          • 3D Skybox lil more interesting
        • Middle:
          • New ledge/window in IT.
          • Compacted the area outside quake room and changed the platform into a rock structure.
          • New ledge outside quake room.
          • New pipe to stand on above IT.
          • Removed texture bug.
        • Second:
          • Rock added.
          • Pipe added to assist players on the little step up.
        • Last:
          • Added a new wall outside spawn to make last feel shorter.
          • Removed sentry spot next to the same wall.
        • Quake Room:
          • Moved the health pack to assist different demo rollouts.
        • Lobby:
          • New pipes to offer cover and a new way to duke. (did this because while lobby does feel quite large I didn't want to actually make it smaller if this isn't enough then Ill make some more extreme changes.)
          • Changed the window to a darker shade so it looks more like a window and less like a hole in the wall.
          • Changes lighting.
        • Window Room:
          • New pipe and steel support to remove a surf/pixel walk. (originally I wanted to keep it in but this feels better.)
          • New detailing.
      • b17a
        • Fixed heaps of clipping problems and changed the 2D skybox.
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    Maps will be updated 2/1/21.
  3. MattKnight

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    Sep 14, 2016
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    Maps have been updated.

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