A FITH Short Story: Z3R0H3RO

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    Once upon a time, Dstraktd, LousyPirate, and I dropped into a junktown with no loot but a single shotgun. Dstraktd was murdered. Lousy ran after another random dropper, and I downed Dstraktd's killer, and then ran after Lousy. Eventually, Lousy succumbed to rest of the squad, and I took two of them out before being killed.

    But what happened to the knocked out player earlier in the match? What other tales of heroism and stupidity are there to tell?

    As I go through over 30 GB of recent game footage to mix and match our adventures and victories... let me share with you, A FITH Short Story: Z3R0H3RO. The tale of a teammate with a golden heart, who goes to bed hungry.

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