Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

Discussion in 'General Games Discussion' started by SirReginaldCockhammer, Aug 4, 2019.

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    This game has eaten nearly my entire weekend and will presumably eat most of my productivity next week. Imagine if Earthbound and Inside Out fucked and the child was possessed by a demon. That is this game and that is why you should play it.

    It takes place in the mind of a little kid who has some issues to think through. This lets the dev do a lot of bouncing with the tone, from campy and funny to gory and terrifying. It's all very good. If you break the ice in the forest zone, you will know what I mean. The gameplay is relatively standard turn-based JRPG fare, but the flexibility of Jimmy and his many forms (each miniboss you defeat lets him imagine himself as another character) will keep you thinking about how best to approach each encounter. You can skip random encounters ala Earthbound if you get to high enough level, so the grind is minimal.

    Seriously, the game is fuckin great. Most problems with turn-based RPGs are very well addressed by the dev and the plot is enough to warrant a full price purchase anyways. Do recommend. At least give it to the second visit to the beehive if you're skeptical. That's what won me over.
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    I like these sorts of games, nice to be able to walk away when you need to and pick up where left off. I'll keep that on the docket if I find that void once the little one gets here...

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