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    Sep 28, 2016
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    • cp_mannbase_b15b to b16 https://tf2maps.net/downloads/mannbase.8807/
      • B15c
        • Yo some clippin fixes
      • B16
        • Added OoB area on last
        • Detailed last
        • Detailed choke
        • Detailed mid
        • Changed green pipes to black/white ones
        • Improved fps
        • Better HDR
        • Better Lighting
    • pl_breadspace_b9 to b10a https://tf2maps.net/downloads/pl_breadspace.9844/
      • B10
        • mainly an update to address an issue that crashed servers, and some bug fixes. Also some optimisation.
        • Reduced entity count
        • Model fade on some high poly props
        • Particles are now packed into the map... hopefully
        • Tons of little bugfixes, more to come
      • B10a
        • Forgot to include LDR in the last update, added.
    • koth_wetrock_b12 to b13 https://tf2maps.net/downloads/koth_wetrock.9400/
      • B13
        • did some texture changes
        • removed some details
        • added some details
        • made the high ground back to its original height
        • made some of the med packs and ammo packs back to their original positions
        • more minor changes that I cant remember
    • pl_midwest_b25 to b29 https://tf2maps.net/downloads/midwest.8710/
      • b26
        • changed around respawn times
        • clipping fixes
        • changed blu b shortcut again to try and be even more obvious and adjusted geometry around it to match
        • some other stuff I imagine
      • b27
        • detail changes around D
        • changed respawn times after B is capped to favor Red more when defending C
        • changed med ammo at C to full ammo
        • clipping fixes all round
        • widened drop down when red leaves red spawn to accommodate more players using it at a time
        • widened other doorway to the outside in the same area
        • lighting improvements at D and in building around B
        • added arrow inside blu shortcut to try and make it EVEN MORE noticeable
        • lowered high windows at D
        • added another case by the right side of D for jumping up and over that one ledge railing (you know the one. No not that one. No Not that one. NO THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID THE FIRST TIME!!! Yes....yes that one)
      • b28
        • reworked C to try and make it actually defendable
        • clipping fixes
        • minor detail changes
        • minor lighting changes
        • fruit now plays on a loop (there are no fruit nor loops)
      • b29
        • added a blu route at B to help them get around sightlines
        • changed pipe at C
        • clipping
        • minor detailing
        • other stuff probably
        • rip the system
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    I'll update the maps tomorrow (1-18-21).
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