Map Additions 5/23/2021

Discussion in 'Maps' started by MattKnight, May 23, 2021.

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    Been a while since I've posted some new maps, but I finally finished testing some maps I think are FITH worthy.

    koth_cascade_v2_b5 ->

    ctf_nuclide_rc4 -> This one is interesting. The intelligence appears at mid and you have to take it to the opposite team's spawn area and jump down the hole where it says CONTROL POINT.

    cp_conifer_rc2 -> I've set the max players to 24 for this map.

    koth_skyward_b2 ->

    koth_quarry_rc5 ->

    plr_rush_rc ->

    pl_rising_b4 -> I've set the max players to 24 for this map.

    koth_stargate ->

    cp_mist_rc1e ->

    cp_drainwash_b1 ->
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    I'll put down my thoughts as I get to play them. I managed to encourage the server onto a couple of these last night.

    koth_cascade_v2_b5 and koth_skyward_b2: Two largish KOTH maps. They're fine. They both do the thing where they have large, playable spaces between spawn and the point, which I always thought was weird. If one team is dominating, they effectively make it easier to spawn camp. If it's even, the spaces are generally ignored as people directly conflict on the point. That's not really a big negative, though there's no big positive for me to talk about either.

    ctf_nuclide_rc4: Definitely needs a player cap limit. 24 is a good start, probably wants to be even smaller. As Matt said, it's a fun variant of CTF, but the map is cramped enough in design that once a team realizes what the rules actually are there's no penetrating the enemy base and capping anymore. Even with that in mind, I would say it generally feels like a worse doomsday, but that might just be the heavy cribbing of that map's announcer quotes.

    pl_rising_b4: Commits the cardinal sin of forcing blue to push past red spawn on point 2. The player cap on this one is very necessary. The server filled up on our second round and the map immediately ground to a halt. There's neat stuff going on at different parts of the map but the second point represents such a nadir of play experience that it doesn't matter. I'd vote to lose this map for now, but I'd be interested in seeing where it goes as the maker further revises it.
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