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    Note that with the new nominate plugin, the server has reverted to using older versions of both of these maps (along with a number of other maps that have been updated since)

    • cp_mannbase_b17a to b18
      • b17b
        • Wanted to do a lil bit of detailing above lobby.
        • Few optimizations in terms of prop fade and what gets rendered on the map.
          (also new 2d skybox)
        • Middle:
          • New rock you can use to get onto new rock this rock is above another rock. rock.
      • b17c
        • Phantom displacement removed
      • b18
        • Gameplay Changes:
          • Removed window shutter
          • Extended some platforms that use stairs.
          • Right door out of spawn room on last has been made smaller.
          • Lobby door way into second has been adjusted
        • General Changes:
          • Improved prop fade.
          • Improved nodraw.
          • Removed phantom entities.
          • Weird texture issues.
        • Lighting improvements:
          • Worklights installed in choke to make brighter.
          • Dropdown is brighter.
          • Lobby had lightning improved.
          • Improved lighting on some props.
          • Many other areas I cant remember
        • Detailing:
          • Last is more underground.
          • Last spawn and second forward spawn has been detailed.
          • Perch on second has been made brighter to make more obvious.
          • Hazard lines in doorways
          • Quake room plants swapped for pipes.
          • Dropdown has a pipe
          • Above last has a walkway and tanks.
          • Ropes above choke and second.
          • Quake Room is now underground.
          • Window Room is now underground and has a second level.
          • Improved structures on mid to be a bit more realistic.
          • Weird structures on mid have been made a lil more pretty.
    • pl_midwest_b33 to b37a
      • b34
        • changed respawn times after points are capped to favor red a bit more
        • decreased round time added on cap for B and C from 240 seconds to 180 seconds (4 min to 3 min)
        • moved around lower stairs at D and lowered red's left balcony by C shortcut.
        • increased health and ammo by previous location to full ammo and med health in hopes of making the balcony a better place to hold.
        • clipping improvements
        • minor lighting changes at D
      • b35
        • respawn time changes for both teams after points are capped across the board
        • attempts at optimization
        • minor detail changes to fit new optimization attempts (mostly stuff around C
      • b36
        • lighting improvements around C to brighten darker areas
        • removed upper windows for blu before C and connected the lower area and mid area indoors via staircase
        • adjusted spawn exit in same area to work with layout changes
        • moved door to forklift parking to control sightlines around previously mentioned area
        • added rollback zone near C
        • adjusted track before C and pushed C back farther from red
        • moved B forward and closer to blu
        • added turntable where B used to be in order to slow down blu and give Red more time to set up at C
        • shortened overall length of D to move indoor doorways farther within sentry range for defenders
        • rearanged upper route at D to make it less of a corridor
        • adjusted respawn times for both blu and red when points are capped
        • detail adjustments
        • clipping fixes
        • rearanged hallway flank from low to high ground for blu before A to make gameplay in that area more interesting
        • optimization attempts
        • adjusted pickups for red at B
        • other things probably
      • b37
        • blocked sniper sightlines at A and C
        • clipping fixes
        • reverted dropdowns by A and C by removing stairs
        • detail changes
        • moved around stuff at D to block sightlines and try n make it less hell
        • what am I even doing
        • I should just stop
        • I wanna work on something else
        • help
        • will it ever be good?
        • you already know it wont
      • b37a
        • fixed missing unpacked textures
    • cp_osiris_b15 to b17
      • b17
        • Stage 1

          -lowered initial timer from 6 minutes to 5

        • Stage 2

          -added fourth blue spawn gate exit on cliff side
          -added second floor rooms to cliff side building
          -added lower route under cliff side building
          -removed clip brushes on cliff side building roof
          -opened up lower route exit into point area
          -reworked staircase entrance to main building
          -added prop cover for red on first sand dune
          -converted a few small healthpacks to medium

          -opened up blus entrance to the rat tunnels
          -widened rock cave flank near the large blu dropdown
          -added more floor to the large blu dropdown so its less precarious
          -added small health and medium ammo just under blu dropdown
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    These will be updated tonight after I get home from work (~6:30pm PST)
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    TY for posting an updated version JeanPaul.
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